About 23rd Street and its Revitalization!

An involved stakeholder group,  known as Calle 23 Steering Committee, began meeting monthly in November 2016  to revitalize Richmond’s 23rd Street and Civic Center area. We welcome stakeholders to participate! Committee members  include:

Oscar Garcia (Richmond Latinos Unidos), Larry Lewis (Richmond PAL), Sergio Rios (Bob's Cleaners), Nelly Rickert, Cesar Zepeda (Community Leader), Aline Mercadier (Farmers Insurance), Rafael Cartagena (USA Carpet), Diego Garcia (Leftside Printing),  Lucero de Leon (Renaissance Center), Raul Ramirez (Richmond Chamber), Jesus Monroy (Resident/Electrician), Tony & Maria Maura (Portumex), Mayra Diaz (Generacion Vision & Futuro), Griselda Ledesma (Mortgage Broker)

To learn more and be a part of making a difference,

Darlene Rios Drapkin
Urban Transformation
or (510) 459-7780

Calle 23 is fiscally responsible. Here’s our financial standing . (attached)

23rd St/Uptown Revitalization efforts made possible through a grant from the Renaissance Center through


Proud Partnership to provide Business Assistance Services